2017.12.31 – 10 Ways to make a Catholic New Year’s Resolution

The New Year is a natural time for us to make a change in our life. Here are 10 ways to make a change in your life of Discipleship:

  1. Daily Mass! Because Mass is the renewal of Christ’s own sacrifice on the Cross it is the greatest prayer that can ever be offered. So, in addition to never missing a Sunday Mass, make an effort to worship God at a daily Mass once a month or a week.
  2. Rest! Um… What? Yes… rest! On the seventh day even God rested. We live in a workaholic world such that we often ignore resting on Sunday. You are more than your work! Recommit to avoiding unnecessary work on Sunday.
  3. Get healed! Jesus came to forgive sins. The whole point of his death on the cross is to destroy sin and restore us to life. So lay a hold of this forgiveness and go to confession once a quarter or once a month.
  4. Adore! Paul tells us, “We exist to praise God’s glory.” Humans rejoice in beauty and strength. This is why we enjoy watching sports, listening to music or decorating our homes. But God is “beauty beyond beauty” and “strength beyond strength.” So adore him by signing up for an hour of adoration … or visit the adoration chapel frequently.
  5. Fast! Fasting strengthens virtue and expresses sorrow for sin. Recommit to not eating meat on Friday (or do some other form penance.)
  6. Show mercy! Try to practice one of the Corporal Works of Mercy once a month or once a week. These are: Feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, clothe the naked, visit the sick, visit the imprisoned and bury the dead.
  7. Give! Giving to charity and being faithful in our tithe is a part of our obligation as disciples of the Lord. So make an effort to increase your giving this year.
  8. Talk to Mom! Yes, your earthly mom! But also Mary, who is your spiritual mom. Jesus chose to enter the world through her as a baby and her still enters the world through her intercession. Pray to your spiritual mom by praying a rosary once a week with the family… or perhaps a decade a night.
  9. Study! You can’t love what you don’t know. Your Confirmation was not a graduation from learning about the faith. We must continue to learn our whole life! So join a study group or an adult bible study to learn more about your faith. (There is tons of opportunities on-line too!)
  10. Do laps and lunges! Say what? Well, lunges are the exercise where you go down to one knee and raise up again. Catholics do “laps and lunges” during the Stations of the Cross. Once a month, sneak into the Church and do a lap around the Stations and going down on one knee at each station.



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