2017.11.12 – Theologians Guild

Truth is inexhaustible.  There is no end to the depth of truth.  Just like the eye receives light, the mind receives truth. And the search for truth is a fundamental desire of the human heart.  Truth is the minds conformity to reality.  The more one’s mind grasps the reality of life, love, and existence, the more the mind is set free.

But since truth is inexhaustible truth will always be more expansive then the human mind can grasp.  This is why Jesus came: to reveal the fullness of truth that reaches beyond the grasp of the limited human mind.  He is “the way, the truth, and the life” (John 14:6).  Without Jesus human persons would know nothing of the Trinity, the Eucharist, the Priesthood, the sacramental dignity of Marriage, or the certainty of eternal life.  Without Jesus, the world would be subject to the machinations of philosophers and politicians, with whom there is only debate and no definitive answers.  But, with Jesus, there is truth, certainty, and conviction.

We are inheritors of the truth of Jesus Christ.  Faith in Jesus is the context in which human knowledge is able to flourish with certainty.  Just as a plant flourishes in light, a fish flourishes in water, and a human flourishes in air, so too human reason flourishes in the context of faith.  Why?  Because faith is the revealed knowledge of God given to us in Jesus Christ.

We are called to be enamored of the truth revealed in Jesus Christ.  Among the many callings that disciples receive, some are called to pursue, with passion, the love of truth revealed in Jesus Christ.  These men and women set themselves on the path of theology – the study of God’s revealed truth.  Theologians are men and women who, thinking deeply about the truths of faith with the full capacity of their human reason, apply that truth to the practical realities of daily life and worship.  The job of a theologian is to bring clarity to life’s conundrums by the application of the truths of revelation.  Theologians bridge the truths revealed in God to the practicality of life lived in the world.

And we have several men and women in our parish who have a passion for just such an undertaking.  This Father’s Focus is an invitation to men and women who are parishioners of St. Francis who have  some form of college degree in Catholic religious studies who desire to share their passion for theology.  I have started a “Theologians Guild” to call such men and women together into one group.  The purpose of this group is to discuss timely and relevant theological issues that affect the parishioners of St. Francis.  The Theologians Guild meets the third Wednesday of every month from 8:00pm – 9:30pm at the rectory.  If you have a college degree in Catholic religious studies and are interested in joining the Theologians Guild, feel free to contact Fr. Jarrod and he’ll discuss this endeavor with you more.


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