2017.10.1 – Corner Mirrors

Have you ever seen one of those curved mirrors that help people see around corners? The first time I saw one of these mirrors was at the corner of an alley way. I thought to myself, “That’s weird. Why is there curved mirror on the wall?” Then mom and dad explained to me that those mirrors let people see oncoming traffic around the corner in order to avoid a collision. After that I started seeing these mirrors in various places – restaurants, department stores, warehouses, and most recently, at the zoo. Well, in this Father’s Focus I want to hold up a “curved mirror,” so to speak, and to see a few new things that are coming around the corner.

The first is my annual Parish Pastoral Address on the Stewardship Way of Life. I consider this presentation the most important presentation I give each year. Its whole purpose is to deepen our appreciation and commitment to being a stewardship parish. My past pastoral addresses have been recorded and can be found under “Pastor’s Corner” on our website.

Usually, I have given this talk in January. But, this year, I will be giving it in December: Sunday, December 3rd at 2:00pm and Tuesday, December 5th at 7:00pm. It is my hope that as many people as possible will join us. While everyone in the parish is encouraged to attend this address, parents with children in Catholic Schools are required to attend. It is my hope that you will mark your calendar for this talk. This year I will be inviting the parish into some very important considerations and decisions about parish operations and resources.

The second item that is just around the corner is new stewardship mailings. As you know, each year during stewardship renewal much paperwork is mailed to each household. Some of this paperwork is mandatory for parents with children in Catholic schools. In the past this paperwork has been sent out in various ways at various times. Well, this year we will be sending out ONE stewardship package that will contain ALL paperwork necessary for stewardship renewal. In this way we hope to streamline the renewal process and minimize the amount of “paper shuffle” that has occurred in the past. This paperwork, especially for families with children in Catholic school, will be due on November 18th. Persons desiring to have their children admitted into SFA or BCCHS school will not be able to register until their paperwork has been received.

Also new this year we will include each household’s contact information as we have it on file in the renewal packet. We hope to update this information in our parish data base to increase our accuracy in communication. Households will be able to correct the information and mail it back to us.

So this is a look around the corner: Pastoral Address on Stewardship (Dec. 3rd and 5th), new renewal packets, and updating parish data.


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