2017.2.19 – 9. Catechetical

This is “Part 9” of a fifteen part series called “The Vision of an Ideal Parish” based on an article by Dr. Peter Williamson.  The first 8 parts spoke of the parish as: Trinitarian, Christological, Communal, Missionary, Kerygmatic, Pneumatological. Charismatic and Sacramental. I love it when children discover echo spots.  Maybe it’s in the foyer … Continue reading 2017.2.19 – 9. Catechetical


2017.2.19 – Defragging Information

Do you remember having to “de-frag” your computer?  There was a time when every so often a person would have to de-frag, or de-fragment, their computer.  What this means is that digital data on a computer’s hard-drive could sometimes be stored in various places on the disc.  Certain data was saved in a “fragmented” way… … Continue reading 2017.2.19 – Defragging Information