2017.1.22 – The Refrain the Resolves the Tension

Among the many things that move the human heart, music ranks high.  Music fills the heart, floods the mind, motivates the soul and even moves the body.  Music is powerful because the rhythm matches our moods.  Whether we are happy or sad, mad or glad, or even just “blah”, the different rhythms of music resonate … Continue reading 2017.1.22 – The Refrain the Resolves the Tension


2017.1.20 – Absolute Moral Laws

There are some things that seem so certain in life.  For example, an object released in the air will fall at the speed of gravity and light travels at about 300 hundred million meters per second.   Yet I remember as a child thinking how weird it was to call things like the speed of light … Continue reading 2017.1.20 – Absolute Moral Laws