2016.11.27 – 5. Kerygma

This is “Part 5” of a fifteen part series called “The Vision of an Ideal Parish” based on an article by Dr. Peter Williamson published in 2016.  This series is intended to prepare us for our Visioning Process. Popcorn is a funny little food.  Good corn gets so old that it completely hardens with a … Continue reading 2016.11.27 – 5. Kerygma


2016.11.1  – True Gift

Well, Black Friday is upon us when shoppers go berserk to get their Christmas shopping kick started.  Stores open super early, clerks work through the night, and shoppers burst upon the store like a broken water balloon to scramble for that perfect gift and an unbeatable price.  Or is it?  Are Black Friday bargains the … Continue reading 2016.11.1  – True Gift